Artist Introvert Revolution

The revolution is on! ┬áThe Artist Introvert Revolution that is. And this revolution could be a part of revolutionizing housing. Here’s how it works:

A group of introvert artists have come together to form a collective. This is kind of ironic in a way, since “introvert” means not being social. But this is not a social based organization. It is a purpose based organization and a part of its mission has to do with Artist Housing. The idea is to think outside of the box and in this instance it means that members of Artist Introvert Revolution or A.I.R. are┬ácoming together to gather data about building and land opportunities. At the moment it’s not really a “buyer’s market,” but with a group working on it, maybe the right opportunity will emerge. This approach is in reaction to the discovery that you had to be really very poor – poverty level – to qualify for any of the city’s affordable housing.