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While Putting Together Educational Materials About Having a Community Marketing Strategy, We Looked at Manhattan’s “NYC Housing Lottery”

Your relationships coincide with your opportunities.”
Says Professor Realist

Professor Dreamer Would Like What is Below, but Not Professor Realist

Here in New York City, Manhattan, it is the dream of many performing, fine arts, and media creatives to have their own low of no cost space where they can fully do their work, just focusing on that.

And some do attain this goal. How. Obviously, your relationships coincide with your opportunities. And in very few cases, merely putting in a proposal can yield positive outcomes.

This Again is Professor Dreamer’s Way of Thinking

This same kind of thinking can draw from the “NYC Housing Lottery” pursuit of live/work creative studio. In short you need to start to focus on your work and why it is wonderful and uplifting for you. Yes, we know this is easier said than done, and to some of you this is a very cheesy approach.

Happiness Versus Fear

Regardless, whether you are motivated by positive thoughts or fear, either can work. If you allow yourself to have a choice and think nicer thoughts, it can make life easier and does not take you away from having a creative vision. You do not need to be a starving artist to succeed.

Having a Plan is a Good Idea

Also, if you are battling with severe depression and anxiety, you are likely already dealing with that, therefore for you this becomes a work-in-progress undertaking in addition to your already setup plan.

In Closing Below are the ABC Tactics that are the Sub Steps of Step #4 in this Continuing Journey of Creating Community Marketing

A. Remember, creating community marketing is like the NYC Housing Lottery, or more generally speaking, a lottery of any kind. What is similar between them all is that not every ticket (meaning “idea”) is going to be a good one, so as quickly as possible come up with one. And panicking and racing can be useful to the creative process.

B. Try to think positively like we talked about, but fear and anxiety can work at the start.

C. If at first you do not succeed, do the cliché of picking yourself up and just keep working toward that objective.

Maybe “Where You Live” Means Something Different than You Might Think

The Media Collective Online is Replacing the In-Person Live-Work Art Center

A Post on a Blog Changed Things

We read a blog post recently from one the the approximately 60 Blog Coalition sites, that definitely got us thinking about the “Good, the Bad and the Maybe Not so Ugly.”

La La Land is not Just Hollywood

The dream, still unrealized as was originally conceived, has not come to be in the way that was first imagined. The vision and mission was to get the help of the city, artists, entrepreneurs, experts and so on, to establish an “Art Center” where artists could come to live and work at a very low cost.

Much Further Away then We Would Let Ourselves Realize

Although in many ways over the years we believed that we had came close to at least reaching the the starting line, in retrospect this was simply not the case.

The “D” Word

New ideas frequently do require some degree of of being in denial, in order to achieve them. But there is a big difference between that and being very, very, very in denial. (Do we dare use the “D” word?).


This dream did not start with this blog. No. It has been around now for several decades. There were intermittent sections of time and type of documentations that occurred throughout, such as a long running public access TV show.

The More Things Change, the More they…Uh…Do Change

Over the long haul a lot of changes have come to be. Things like long term marriages, kids, different lifestyle as a parent, and so on. This has greatly metamorphosed the outlook of the founders.

A Prospective Transformation?

Hence our first inclination for today’s post was to write a final a goodbye and then exit. But after some discussion and looking at this week’s NYC AIM, article they are beginning to see things a bit differently.

Where Can We Find the Post that Shifted Things?

The blog post mentioned, dated with the same date as this post, can be found on the NYC AIM site which is an acronym for New York City Apprenticeships in Media.”

Can’t believe it has been so long since our last post. how is your search going for artist housing and what is your plan for the road ahead?

Not the Best Time

If you have been fortunate enough to find a living environment that is conducive with your creativity, congratulations. Clearly the Pandemic and the challenges that went with it, was not best time period to get a roof over your head that is specifically artist housing.

Caught in the Middle with No Opportunities

This blog started as a search for artist housing in NYC. And although at times certain opportunities presented themselves, for the most part (unfortunately) if you were a candidate and presented yourself, you were either too poor or too rich. Ironic.

Is the Search Still On?

But as we forge ahead into unknown times here in Manhattan and beyond, we as New Yorkers are facing a lot, as is this country, with challenges including COVID, inflation, violence and more. Were we dreaming thinking we could make a difference in artists lives? Probably. And yet, forward we go!

develop an artistic community

We’ve decided that the first step toward developing housing for actors and artists is to develop an artistic community. The belief is that by doing this first and making artist’s housing an agenda of the group, progress will be made.

Interesting to note, the newsletter NYC Make a Difference recently featured artist’s housing as a topic and the response received more than any other thus far, so we know we are on the right track!

No More Starving Artists

We started a blog called “NYC Housing Lottery” with the intention of helping artists to find affordable artist’s housing. We discovered you needed to be a true “starving artist” at below poverty level to qualify for most of the artists housing. We were happy for the actual “starving artist” but what about the person working three jobs just to stay afloat and is therefore considered too solvent? This person deserves affordable artist’s housing also!

You see, we don’t believe artists should starve in the first place, which is why our alliance of “Blogs for the Arts” or BFTA promotes an artistic entrepreneurial approach for artists to empower themselves with the mindset of being a successful artist entrepreneur.

In fact, BFTA gives helpful tips to artists wanting to make a difference and change in their communities and internationally. Because of the overwhelming need we have seen for affordable artist’s housing for moderately “starving artists” our strategy for “NYC Housing Lottery” has changed.

“NYC Housing Lottery” going forward will examine progressive and innovative ways for artists to find housing – including building it themselves! If you would like to join this conversation please respond back or tune into “NYC Housing Lottery.” Your feedback and input is greatly appreciated!

Yianni Stamas says the Awards Show for People Seeking Artists Housing is the Platinum Pias

The awards show for people seeking artist’s housing is the Platinum Pias. Why? Because each year the Platinum Pias attracts artist entrepreneurs and it is artist entrepreneurs who are most likely to successfully get housing. This is because they are both creative and can also think like business people.

If you would like to find out what the Platinum Pias are all about and are in the New York area, go here now.

Platinum Pias in a Little Over a Week

We’ve slowed down on our entries, but we’ve got a great excuse. We’ve been working on one of the most important artists events that happens every year in NYC – the Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists that will be occurring on Monday, March 20th that is in a little over a week!

Because our “NYC Housing Lottery” readers are interested in “all things artist” we wanted to extend an invitation to you to attend the awards. To find out more about the Platinum Pias please visit this blog entry.


As we progress further with this project the two biggest disappointments are:

  1. You have to have a very low income to qualify for low rents.
  2. Some of the places – in fact we’ve gotten 3 of these – want you to pay a $200 application fee and sometimes be expected to wait 5-7 years.

So what is the conclusion? Just to keep moving forward!

Still Going


We dropped off the map for a couple of days but we are still going. Three application requests per day still seems reasonable and today we did four.

We’re discovering that the filling out the application itself does take time, so maybe just one of those a day.

Just suggestions and what we’re doing.

How is your artist apartment hunting going?

Let us know!