John Yianni Stamas Talks About Housing Opportunities

Whether you are in New York City or anywhere else in the country, chances are there is the right housing opportunity for you!

Spinning the Wheel

Stamas’ story will likely be of interest to those residing in New York City who are searching for housing opportunities. John too has been taking a spin at the NYC Housing Lottery wheel, hoping for a lucky break. Here’s how he’s been doing with it so far:

“It’s a process that has lots of obstacles in the way, a key one being luck. So far luck has not been our experience but people I know have hit the jackpot!”

Actual Success Stories

John went on to tell us about someone he knows getting into Manhattan Plaza in Hell’s Kitchen/Midtown at the original artist rate. And if you’re feeling down you could get inspiration from the various processes of NYC Workshops¬†or even NYC Create.

Another Success Story

Turns out that Stamas knows a cellist who got into housing for classical musicians, plus another individual he met who got into housing for fine artists.

Is There a Secret?

We asked Stamas if he knew what their secret was. Here’s what he said.

“There’s no secret I can see other than persevering, not giving up and looking for the right fit. The cellist was ready to throw up his arms and move into our building but then the opportunity came for “classical music housing” at the last moment.” He now lives with his family in a great section of Manhattan, NY!

1 Chance Out of Thousands

We asked John Yianni Stamas if there were any lotteries he is involved with for the moment and he said that there is a NYC Housing Lottery opportunity. He told us that his wife had a friend who knew about it and now they just need to beat out the 26,000 other folks who are also in the race!

In Summation

Stamas reminded us to pass on to you that if you search the search engines you will likely find housing that could be right for you. Or even check the NYC Workshops’ website for strategies that can help one stay on track. NYC Create is also a good choice. John suggested that the more specific you are about the details regarding yourself (profession etc.) the more likely you will be to finding a housing match to apply to.