Maybe “Where You Live” Means Something Different than You Might Think

The Media Collective Online is Replacing the In-Person Live-Work Art Center

A Post on a Blog Changed Things

We read a blog post recently from one the the approximately 60 Blog Coalition sites, that definitely got us thinking about the “Good, the Bad and the Maybe Not so Ugly.”

La La Land is not Just Hollywood

The dream, still unrealized as was originally conceived, has not come to be in the way that was first imagined. The vision and mission was to get the help of the city, artists, entrepreneurs, experts and so on, to establish an “Art Center” where artists could come to live and work at a very low cost.

Much Further Away then We Would Let Ourselves Realize

Although in many ways over the years we believed that we had came close to at least reaching the the starting line, in retrospect this was simply not the case.

The “D” Word

New ideas frequently do require some degree of of being in denial, in order to achieve them. But there is a big difference between that and being very, very, very in denial. (Do we dare use the “D” word?).


This dream did not start with this blog. No. It has been around now for several decades. There were intermittent sections of time and type of documentations that occurred throughout, such as a long running public access TV show.

The More Things Change, the More they…Uh…Do Change

Over the long haul a lot of changes have come to be. Things like long term marriages, kids, different lifestyle as a parent, and so on. This has greatly metamorphosed the outlook of the founders.

A Prospective Transformation?

Hence our first inclination for today’s post was to write a final a goodbye and then exit. But after some discussion and looking at this week’s NYC AIM, article they are beginning to see things a bit differently.

Where Can We Find the Post that Shifted Things?

The blog post mentioned, dated with the same date as this post, can be found on the NYC AIM site which is an acronym for New York City Apprenticeships in Media.”