No More Starving Artists

We started a blog called “NYC Housing Lottery” with the intention of helping artists to find affordable artist’s housing. We discovered you needed to be a true “starving artist” at below poverty level to qualify for most of the artists housing. We were happy for the actual “starving artist” but what about the person working three jobs just to stay afloat and is therefore considered too solvent? This person deserves affordable artist’s housing also!

You see, we don’t believe artists should starve in the first place, which is why our alliance of “Blogs for the Arts” or BFTA promotes an artistic entrepreneurial approach for artists to empower themselves with the mindset of being a successful artist entrepreneur.

In fact, BFTA gives helpful tips to artists wanting to make a difference and change in their communities and internationally. Because of the overwhelming need we have seen for affordable artist’s housing for moderately “starving artists” our strategy for “NYC Housing Lottery” has changed.

“NYC Housing Lottery” going forward will examine progressive and innovative ways for artists to find housing – including building it themselves! If you would like to join this conversation please respond back or tune into “NYC Housing Lottery.” Your feedback and input is greatly appreciated!