NYC Create Helps with the Artist Introvert Revolution

NYC Create is a relatively new website but it’s already having an impact on the “Art Scene” in New York City. And as such, is helping A.I.R. (Artist Introvert Revolution) make headway with their goal of establishing affordable living quarters for every kind of artist – musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – in NYC. It has been an intense several months exploring many different options including partnering with the small arts organization Lights Camera Read. Lights Camera Read is a nonprofit fiscally sponsored organization committed to breaking artists free of thinking of themselves as “Starving Artists.” And at the start it seemed that LCR was going to really help with the cause but then the new tax code was passed which has negatively impacted small arts organizations, especially those primarily depending on middle income donors. The reason for the negative impact is that middle income donors have had the motivation taken away from them to give to nonprofits. Why? Because most middle income folks will not be doing itemized deductions on their taxes and instead will likely take the standard deduction. All this is a long way of saying that Lights Camera Read is focusing on revitalizing their organization and are able to give less time to A.I.R. in terms of creating housing for creatives. But thank goodness for NYC Create. They have the mission to help artists promote themselves, build their audience and ultimately monetize their art. NYC Create has been quite helpful with getting the word out. We’ll update you soon on how the collaboration with NYC Create is getting us closer to making artist housing a reality in New York City!