develop an artistic community

We’ve decided that the first step toward developing housing for actors and artists is to develop an artistic community. The belief is that by doing this first and making artist’s housing an agenda of the group, progress will be made.

Interesting to note, the newsletter NYC Make a Difference recently featured artist’s housing as a topic and the response received more than any other thus far, so we know we are on the right track!

No More Starving Artists

We started a blog called “NYC Housing Lottery” with the intention of helping artists to find affordable artist’s housing. We discovered you needed to be a true “starving artist” at below poverty level to qualify for most of the artists housing. We were happy for the actual “starving artist” but what about the person working three jobs just to stay afloat and is therefore considered too solvent? This person deserves affordable artist’s housing also!

You see, we don’t believe artists should starve in the first place, which is why our alliance of “Blogs for the Arts” or BFTA promotes an artistic entrepreneurial approach for artists to empower themselves with the mindset of being a successful artist entrepreneur.

In fact, BFTA gives helpful tips to artists wanting to make a difference and change in their communities and internationally. Because of the overwhelming need we have seen for affordable artist’s housing for moderately “starving artists” our strategy for “NYC Housing Lottery” has changed.

“NYC Housing Lottery” going forward will examine progressive and innovative ways for artists to find housing – including building it themselves! If you would like to join this conversation please respond back or tune into “NYC Housing Lottery.” Your feedback and input is greatly appreciated!

Yianni Stamas says the Awards Show for People Seeking Artists Housing is the Platinum Pias

The awards show for people seeking artist’s housing is the Platinum Pias. Why? Because each year the Platinum Pias attracts artist entrepreneurs and it is artist entrepreneurs who are most likely to successfully get housing. This is because they are both creative and can also think like business people.

If you would like to find out what the Platinum Pias are all about and are in the New York area, go here now.

Platinum Pias in a Little Over a Week

We’ve slowed down on our entries, but we’ve got a great excuse. We’ve been working on one of the most important artists events that happens every year in NYC – the Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists that will be occurring on Monday, March 20th that is in a little over a week!

Because our “NYC Housing Lottery” readers are interested in “all things artist” we wanted to extend an invitation to you to attend the awards. To find out more about the Platinum Pias please visit this blog entry.

Artist’s Housing – Time for a Report

Over the last week or so we’ve been primarily concentrating on receiving applications in the mail from buildings and then filling out these forms. What is our big takeaway?

Well, it is that there certainly are many opportunities for artists in the “NYC Housing Lottery” world, but if you are an artist who wants to find a space to live it is best if you are truly a “Starving Artist.”

What do we mean by that? The answer is that you must truly have a low income to qualify for these great apartments. Very low. So for those artists who have low incomes this is great news but for those artists with “medium” incomes, not so great news.

Speaking of artists, just a reminder that the Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists in NYC is going to be exactly two weeks from today. There is more information on this go-to event on the Platinum Pias website.


As we progress further with this project the two biggest disappointments are:

  1. You have to have a very low income to qualify for low rents.
  2. Some of the places – in fact we’ve gotten 3 of these – want you to pay a $200 application fee and sometimes be expected to wait 5-7 years.

So what is the conclusion? Just to keep moving forward!

Still Going


We dropped off the map for a couple of days but we are still going. Three application requests per day still seems reasonable and today we did four.

We’re discovering that the filling out the application itself does take time, so maybe just one of those a day.

Just suggestions and what we’re doing.

How is your artist apartment hunting going?

Let us know!

Don’t Forget the Stamps

It seems most of the housing management companies we’re contacting want SASEs (Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes) which of course means being sure you have a lot of stamps. Also, we’re finding the process at times challenging (coming up with reasons not to do it) so to combat that, maybe set a minimum amount of letters you will do a day – such as three. That’s the number we’ve been using and it is going pretty well. Good luck!

In Search of Housing for Artists and an Actualization of Their Goals