While Putting Together Educational Materials About Having a Community Marketing Strategy, We Looked at Manhattan’s “NYC Housing Lottery”

Your relationships coincide with your opportunities.”
Says Professor Realist

Professor Dreamer Would Like What is Below, but Not Professor Realist

Here in New York City, Manhattan, it is the dream of many performing, fine arts, and media creatives to have their own low of no cost space where they can fully do their work, just focusing on that.

And some do attain this goal. How. Obviously, your relationships coincide with your opportunities. And in very few cases, merely putting in a proposal can yield positive outcomes.

This Again is Professor Dreamer’s Way of Thinking

This same kind of thinking can draw from the “NYC Housing Lottery” pursuit of live/work creative studio. In short you need to start to focus on your work and why it is wonderful and uplifting for you. Yes, we know this is easier said than done, and to some of you this is a very cheesy approach.

Happiness Versus Fear

Regardless, whether you are motivated by positive thoughts or fear, either can work. If you allow yourself to have a choice and think nicer thoughts, it can make life easier and does not take you away from having a creative vision. You do not need to be a starving artist to succeed.

Having a Plan is a Good Idea

Also, if you are battling with severe depression and anxiety, you are likely already dealing with that, therefore for you this becomes a work-in-progress undertaking in addition to your already setup plan.

In Closing Below are the ABC Tactics that are the Sub Steps of Step #4 in this Continuing Journey of Creating Community Marketing

A. Remember, creating community marketing is like the NYC Housing Lottery, or more generally speaking, a lottery of any kind. What is similar between them all is that not every ticket (meaning “idea”) is going to be a good one, so as quickly as possible come up with one. And panicking and racing can be useful to the creative process.

B. Try to think positively like we talked about, but fear and anxiety can work at the start.

C. If at first you do not succeed, do the cliché of picking yourself up and just keep working toward that objective.