While Putting Together Educational Materials About Having a Community Marketing Strategy, We Looked at Manhattan’s “NYC Housing Lottery”

Your relationships coincide with your opportunities.”
Says Professor Realist

Professor Dreamer Would Like What is Below, but Not Professor Realist

Here in New York City, Manhattan, it is the dream of many performing, fine arts, and media creatives to have their own low of no cost space where they can fully do their work, just focusing on that.

And some do attain this goal. How. Obviously, your relationships coincide with your opportunities. And in very few cases, merely putting in a proposal can yield positive outcomes.

This Again is Professor Dreamer’s Way of Thinking

This same kind of thinking can draw from the “NYC Housing Lottery” pursuit of live/work creative studio. In short you need to start to focus on your work and why it is wonderful and uplifting for you. Yes, we know this is easier said than done, and to some of you this is a very cheesy approach.

Happiness Versus Fear

Regardless, whether you are motivated by positive thoughts or fear, either can work. If you allow yourself to have a choice and think nicer thoughts, it can make life easier and does not take you away from having a creative vision. You do not need to be a starving artist to succeed.

Having a Plan is a Good Idea

Also, if you are battling with severe depression and anxiety, you are likely already dealing with that, therefore for you this becomes a work-in-progress undertaking in addition to your already setup plan.

In Closing Below are the ABC Tactics that are the Sub Steps of Step #4 in this Continuing Journey of Creating Community Marketing

A. Remember, creating community marketing is like the NYC Housing Lottery, or more generally speaking, a lottery of any kind. What is similar between them all is that not every ticket (meaning “idea”) is going to be a good one, so as quickly as possible come up with one. And panicking and racing can be useful to the creative process.

B. Try to think positively like we talked about, but fear and anxiety can work at the start.

C. If at first you do not succeed, do the cliché of picking yourself up and just keep working toward that objective.

Maybe “Where You Live” Means Something Different than You Might Think

The Media Collective Online is Replacing the In-Person Live-Work Art Center

A Post on a Blog Changed Things

We read a blog post recently from one the the approximately 60 Blog Coalition sites, that definitely got us thinking about the “Good, the Bad and the Maybe Not so Ugly.”

La La Land is not Just Hollywood

The dream, still unrealized as was originally conceived, has not come to be in the way that was first imagined. The vision and mission was to get the help of the city, artists, entrepreneurs, experts and so on, to establish an “Art Center” where artists could come to live and work at a very low cost.

Much Further Away then We Would Let Ourselves Realize

Although in many ways over the years we believed that we had came close to at least reaching the the starting line, in retrospect this was simply not the case.

The “D” Word

New ideas frequently do require some degree of of being in denial, in order to achieve them. But there is a big difference between that and being very, very, very in denial. (Do we dare use the “D” word?).


This dream did not start with this blog. No. It has been around now for several decades. There were intermittent sections of time and type of documentations that occurred throughout, such as a long running public access TV show.

The More Things Change, the More they…Uh…Do Change

Over the long haul a lot of changes have come to be. Things like long term marriages, kids, different lifestyle as a parent, and so on. This has greatly metamorphosed the outlook of the founders.

A Prospective Transformation?

Hence our first inclination for today’s post was to write a final a goodbye and then exit. But after some discussion and looking at this week’s NYC AIM, article they are beginning to see things a bit differently.

Where Can We Find the Post that Shifted Things?

The blog post mentioned, dated with the same date as this post, can be found on the NYC AIM site which is an acronym for New York City Apprenticeships in Media.”

Are You an Artist Who is an Entrepreneur or an Entrepreneur Who is an Artist?

In Order to Be Creative Do You Have to Be Bad at Business?

For those of you just joining us, the NYC Housing Lottery is a way that individuals, such as visual or performing artists, can be matched with a housing opportunity. This is especially important to artists.

Why is this vital for creatives? The reason is because they often require the ability to focus on their art which can involve both learning processes as well as the creation of the art itself.

The creative individuals who do the best in terms having both creative and financial success, tend to do so by looking at their creative ventures as having an entrepreneurial component.

Craft is Needed Both for Creating Art or Creating a Company

Many think, including the artists themselves, that in order to make great art also requires not having to bothered with thinking about business. Yes, throughout history there were often patrons who would help support creatives.

But when reading about these artists, one thing they seem to have in common is an inner drive. And it is this drive that can be harnessed to not only do their art, but also can keep them focused on productivity and sales of their work.

The reality is that many of the best-known creatives living today, are able to both make art and money. The two are not exclusive of each other. You see, from both a scientific and psychological perspective, the same motivation to create can simultaneously be applied to business as well.

In short, there is no need to be a “Starving Artist” to make art. People with money suffer too. And for the record, suffering is only one aspect of what visual, writing and performing artists can make art about.

Can’t believe it has been so long since our last post. how is your search going for artist housing and what is your plan for the road ahead?

Not the Best Time

If you have been fortunate enough to find a living environment that is conducive with your creativity, congratulations. Clearly the Pandemic and the challenges that went with it, was not best time period to get a roof over your head that is specifically artist housing.

Caught in the Middle with No Opportunities

This blog started as a search for artist housing in NYC. And although at times certain opportunities presented themselves, for the most part (unfortunately) if you were a candidate and presented yourself, you were either too poor or too rich. Ironic.

Is the Search Still On?

But as we forge ahead into unknown times here in Manhattan and beyond, we as New Yorkers are facing a lot, as is this country, with challenges including COVID, inflation, violence and more. Were we dreaming thinking we could make a difference in artists lives? Probably. And yet, forward we go!

wiznyc, the magician’s advocate speaks out about conjurers and housing

Prestidigitators Need a Place to Live Too

WizNYC considers himself to be an advocate for magicians, raising public awareness of wizardry not only being an art form, but consists of several of them all in one. Because a magician is a producer, director, writer and actor. The Wizter has the personal mission to broaden the opportunities and awareness for New York artists who are conjurers, as applies to them securing affordable housing.

Not Just Entertainers

There is evidence to support that magicians are some of the least appreciated artists in America. Even calling finger flingers “Artists” causes hesitation on the part of some bloggers who believe that magicians are not a part of the creative arts because they are really just entertainers.

Benefits for Those Seen as Creative

This effort to strip magicians of being viewed as artists has stolen from them national and local government opportunities in terms of benefits that members of other art forms continually receive.

The Search

After analyzing multiple unsuccessful challenges to secure housing for artists, it was determined that the primary problem they faced was knowing what kind of artist should be focus when searching for affordable housing?

Matching Creators

Helping “Artists” appears to be a troublesome word to use because it is too general and only leads to missed chances of matching creators with a good place to live for their life and work.

Chelsea Manhattan is an Oasis for Dancers and Classical Musicians

For example, it is rumored that in a specific building in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, there is reduced cost housing available for artists, but specifically only for professional classical musicians.

The Last Word

This issue was not anticipated when the Blog Coalition member site NYChousingLottery.com was first launched. WizNYC pointed out that:

“It gets confusing because there are so many different kinds of artists, so the question continually becomes exactly what kind of artist should housing be designated for?”

Yianni Stamas Briefly Discusses How a Friend of his Who is an Artist Found Artist Housing

Friend’s Story Could be Your Story

Hi. I am Yianni and NYC “Housing Lottery” brought me in today to relay a brief story of how an artist friend of mine was able, here in New York City, to find a home for him and his family in a building in a building for creatives downtown. I have told this story before, but it bears repeating as it does give hope for artists living in the Big Apple who are looking for artistic communities that have affordable housing available. This issue is also looked at briefly on the USA Make a Difference website, and there also I make a cameo appearance. It is about getting the need known by those who can make it happen.

Contact Your Local NYC Politician

It is no secret that I am over age 50 (as seen today on the Over 50 USA site), in fact I am nearing 60, I bring this up to make the point that no matter how old you are, artist housing is a fight worth taking on. Nothing is going to change with the problem of needing affordable housing for New York City creatives, unless action is taken. Also, the mission of needing artist housing here in Manhattan, NY, is a part of a larger problem which is the importance of lending a hand in order to Save NYC Together. If you visit that site you will again see me rallying for the cause.

Just Say “No” to Stagnation

Join the cause for artists. Because if we do nothing, then nothing will change. And because of this, everything remains the same. For example, the last post on this site was done way back in March of 2021. Sad to say, It appears as though not a lot has changed in New York City since then. This not right. For example, I lived here in the city before Times Square was redone for Disneyites. It used to have a bunch of rundown buildings and theaters. It was the artists who stepped up and made the buildings and theaters into art with their brushes and other creative tools, that made the difference. It is true that this last only until that area was rebuilt. But the beauty of the art that the artists did, brightened the day for most of us. Artists are vital to the cultural injection that is needed so much today with the Delta virus making its way all across the city. But the artists are unable to interpret through their creative work these times that all of us are experiencing. Why? Because many creatives are having to focus on staying alive with a job to pay the rent, which means their inspiration through their art is put on hold and we lose out. Regarding opportunities for artists who are looking for housing, there is a method that you can sometimes use to get artist housing in Manhattan, NY. It is a strategy that you may not have heard of and one that I we will be revealing soon.

An Ongoing Mission

For years (pre-pandemic) I looked for pathways to try to help NYC creatives to take the worry of shelter off of their backs so they could focus on their art. One strategy, that almost received wings, was to purchase and refurbish a building. There were various investors interested in the proposal, but nothing fully materialized. We even had a step-by-step plan that we put together with a contractor. But, unfortunately the cause did not have enough momentum to be fully realized. Someone else purchased the building before we were able to.

Being Specific to Get Results

The good news is that there is some housing available to artists here in the big apple, but there is a key to finding these opportunities that might be helpful for you. It has not worked for some, but has been productive for others. You see, here in Manhattan it is usually for extremely specific kinds of creators that get the pot of gold so to speak.

Friend’s Search

A friend of mine who is a classical musician discovered an “in.” He was someone who had kids. My daughter was friends with his daughters so the two of us dads met several times in places like museums and parks, to provide a forum for our kids to play together. He had been searching for artist housing, and at one point was even considering moving to where my family and I live.

Acceptance Can Happen

During these playdates, while the kids played, we had many discussions about housing for artists and at one point, randomly, he checked within his classical music network and found a building that was specifically built as a place where musicians could find housing. He applied and lucked out. He was accepted to move into the building, which is located downtown from us. Another dad at my daughter’s school had comparable results.

Staying on the Path

Based on results I have witnessed firsthand; the key seems to be to continually be engaged in the artist housing quest but doing so while continually using a variety of different strategies. But this is true of course of any kind of goal one pursues. In the end there are often more than one way that a goal can be achieved.

Facing the Reality of Artist Housing in New York City

The Reality of Artist Housing Sinks in

Dear artists, this website was created with the best of intentions, which was to find for you  affordable housing. Unfortunately, our discovery was that for those folks lucky enough to have a job to help support them while they develop their art, are snubbed by housing providers. This is because their very low income is still high enough that they miss the boat. This is great news of course for the homeless community (deservedly so)  and literal “starving artists” whose survival is based on government subsidies. Those populations deserve and should be provided with housing, but unfortunately there is demographic of creatives who are often overlooked.

There Does Not Appear to be Middle Ground

Sadly, those who are working at a job or are having some success as a creator, are finding it difficult to locate affordable housing. And the distressing part of this is that the housing they do qualify for, often consist of “opportunities” outside of their reach because the prices involved are just too high!

Self -Empowerment

So yet again, those creatives who are in the middle of the income bracket, lose out! Their only hope is to create living accommodation opportunities for themselves since the government clearly will not. The determination of artists developing housing opportunities for themselves include a west coast work-in-progress where an artist purchased a building and then rented out living/creating spaces at prices that were within grasp of creatives!

A Proven Successful Method to Get Low Cost Housing for Artists in New York

What Kind of Artist Are You?

We are happy to say we have finally have a successful strategy you can use to get low cost housing for you if you are an artist of some kinds including visual or entertainment arts.

Match the Kind of Artist You are With Housing Opportunities that are for Your Art Form

How do you do this? You need to do what a friend of ours did. This person was a successful cellist who performed at places like Carnegie Hall. He got low cost housing for classical musicians in a great building in the Chelsea area of Manhattan, New York.

Seek and Ye Shall Receive

How did he do it? It was simple really once he knew what housing has been slotted for classical musicians. He put in an application to get into what is now his new place of residence. In other words, if you search carefully for housing for YOUR PARTICULAR ART FORM, whether you live in New York City or other New York State areas, you can find place to live that match the kind of artist you are. Granted, you are going to need to put in applications to the options you have in your area. Seek and ye shall receive!

The Roller Coaster Road of Finding Artist Housing

Low Income Level

Although the opportunity is now closed, we were happy to see several of our readers had found housing due to the low income level they had.


This can be frustrating for those who did not score with that lottery. The feeling is that they are being punished because they make a bit more money than the tier allowed.

New President

Ironically, those with low incomes, often due not qualify for opportunities because their income level is too high. Maybe whoever becomes president will have a focus on artist housing for all.

Jumping for Joy

And for those got new income who are jumping for joy, congratulations.

Artists Making a Difference and Growing Older

The NYC Housing Lottery at the moment doesn’t look terrific for artists. The clouds are there and we are filming them, but looking to the heavens doesn’t seem to change our circumstance. Why is that? The Pandemic? Could be. There are other life and death problems that are focused on leaving  us creative types in the lurch.

So what is the solution? If an artist is living a marginal life with virtually no income, there is a chance she or he has access to programs that are meant for low income individuals.

All the rest of us who are on artistic paths must carry on with our work to help the people. Helping others is our lot in life, which is a good thing since we are fortunate to not have the worries of those who do not have much.

In Search of Housing for Artists and an Actualization of Their Goals